Finally! Doodle Mash arrived from Game Crafter!

It has been a challenge finding a company that has all the pieces, board size, and box size for Doodle Mash. We have a specific vision of how we want the game, and wanted to see that vision to completion. The first company we used started to run out of key pieces shortly after we got our first prototype from them. So we hunted for a new company. Enter, Game Crafter.

We have been waiting and watching our queue position inch closer until today it was ready to be picked up. We piled in the car and swung up to Madison to grab it in person. Luckily we only living 35 minutes away from “Game Crafter” (where it is being produced) which should hopefully keep the shipping down with larger orders in the future as I don’t mind driving up periodically to pick them up.

I have been pretty excited to see the box design incorporating the transparent illusion. The 1st image is the top of the box and the 2nd is the bottom of the box. It was a pretty big headache drawing the exact back of the top of the box but I’m really happy with the result. I feel like it is kind of an embodiment of the game itself. By that I mean it seems simplistic at first glance but for those who look a bit closer there are some pretty neat tricks going on in the gameplay. Definitely seeing this idea printed and working in the real world instead of just an idea on paper was a cool feeling. I am not gonna lie, I thought for sure I would have messed up something in the layout since I was trying to do this all with photoshop layouts. Then of course I found where the design went off the rails.

See it? Yup so do I. In my defense, I have never seen a board game box that fits together in this way. ┬áNormally the top of the box would have extended all the way to the bottom creating A nice over-lapping image of “Doodle Mash” on the sides. Oh well, planning something to come out perfectly is a recipe for an ulcer. So I am pleased with the lack of mistakes I made….

I am sure it was in the description of the box I just probably didn’t look close enough. So I am gonna have to update that, but honestly I think this might open an opportunity to use the fact that it opens in the middle in a creative fashion. Maybe Eggs Hatching? Teeth that lock and unlock by opening the box? Legs coming out from within the box like they are stuck? Leave me a comment with suggestions.

Another thing I have been excited for is our Game Enhancer deck that alters how the other players must play when you land on a “X” on the board. Also we updated the tokens to have a “DM” logo on the back.

Just have to fix that box glitch and then go from there. I will have to get a photo with the first prototype and every iteration of Doodle Mash to get here and write another blog soon.

If anyone is looking to make or produce a game, our manufacturer we used for this version is “Game Crafter” in Madison. The have a very specific, well set up website. I would recommend having a fairly good understanding of file type and image size when uploading artwork, but other then that the have a very large section of components and the website also doubles as a storefront distributor. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions ask away in the comments.

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