Getting Hygge With It

It seems as if Hygge has been catching fire lately here in Wisconsin. I heard about it a couple of years ago and loved the concept. I knew it was something that not only I needed, but that my family needed. We can have long, cold winters (as I am typing this is it 7 degrees fahrenheit and we just got 5 inches of snow). We can count the number of times we see the sun in one week on fingers. It easy to fall into the mindset of the winter blues, kids get coupes up if they don’t get out, adults get irritable if kids don’t get out, and the indoors start to take on a pent up air quality no matter how many diffusers, candles, or air purifiers you use. I’ve developed four Hygge inspired winter rules to help us bust the blues.

  1. Get Outdoors!

This one makes me uncomfortable, literally. Being cold settles in me quickly and leaves slowly. I hate being cold, it makes me feel miserable, so to be sure I don’t hate being outside, I have to dress in some serious layers and winter gear. It took me a couple of years to invest and acquire decent winter gear (and I’m still lacking snow pants) but it’s so worth it to not be cold. Now that I can be outside and not freeze, I try to get out everyday. We walk my daughter to school if it’s not raining and about 15 degrees fahrenheit. Starting that habit when it was nice and warm out made it easier to carrier over into the colder months, but  it’s never too late to start your own little ritual. A quick walk around the block, to the back of the yard, cross country skiing (our city has a place that rents them out to try) ice skating, snowshoeing, or whatever you need to get you outdoors. 

2.Do *All* the cozy things. Or one. Or all. Just get cozy

Once you’ve gotten outside, nothing feels better than being inside. I have a little corner of our house that’s designed for coziness. It’s by our fireplace (cozy level 10!) I have a basket of crochet projects next to it, and a bookshelf close by. These are things that make me cozy, find what makes you cozy. Is it a warm drink and cozy socks? A jigsaw puzzle and space heater? Are you like my husband and need a fluffy chair and a sketch book( it’s probably no surprise the idea of DoodleMash came out of the winter months)? Find your cozy. 

3. Go Green.

Warning, this may take a little practice. You may kill a plant or two. I did, but if you find something that can live in your house, it will bring you joy in those dark sunless months. I killed plants, but then I just planted more. I went to our local greenery and said, “give me something I can’t kill.” Plants thrive off our carbon dioxide which means its cool to talk to your plant. This can be a social bonus for those like me to who tend to talk to themselves. 

4. Play Games

Did you think I was going to go one blog post without mentioning games? C’mon, after inventing a game, we have fallen in love with them and can’t give them up. I find we do the opposite in the winter. We tend to play more tabletop games in the colder months. Jake (my husband and co-creator of DoodleMash) and I play two player games, we play family games, the kids and I play games, and we even have a couple of solo games to play if we’re in the mood. On a budget? You can still play games! Check out your local thrift store for used games (it maybe a gamble to see if the games have all their pieces, but I’ve lucked out with every thrift store game so far.) or head on over to our pinterest page for ideas on cheap, even free games you can play. 

 I look forward to hygge each winter. Creating those little moments of intimacy during the winter months. Having fun, being cozy, laughing about how cold out it is, and enjoying all aspects of life together. Hygge is the winter yin to my summer yang.

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