About Us

Doodle Mash is a creative drawing game that evolved out of a drawing exercise. Co-creator Jake Bussie has been a tattoo artist for 13 years. The majority of his work is custom drawn pieces, and clients will often give him three or four ideas to blend into one piece. While in his spare time Jake would draw at home, and one night he encouraged his family to do a drawing experiment with him. The object of the exercise was to “mash” together animals into one.  The exercise was so fun, it became an activity the family enjoyed doing together, and soon the beginnings of DoodleMash was born.

Enter Lindsey Bussie, Jake’s wife. A former retail business manager, she wasn’t going to settle for a homemade prototype.  She saw a bright future for DoodleMash started scouring the internet for boardgame manufactures to get a professional prototype produced. It wasn’t before long the two settle on a manufacture that was able to produce the quality and style game that both Lindsey and Jake had in mind.